Brooks Sanchez at his recording studio in miami

Although The K.O.S.S does wear the hat of a recording studio engineer, in actuality he is anything but your typical studio hand. The K.O.S.S offers the vital services of producer, in-house musician, engineer, and music manager to the numerous creative individuals of the Miami area.

Specializing in reggae rock and reggae fusion, The K.O.S.S can offer musicians a studio professional who plays every contemporary instrument in any rock-alternative, or other applicable genres. Wielding an ability to structure any music type, BLES’ founder additionally creates beats, samples, and show mixes that remain suitable for virtually any client need in any genre.

As an appreciator of all music, this diversity extends to the studio during the tracking, mixing, and mastering phases as Brooks dedicates his experience and education to help artists get the most from their music in a welcoming, harmonious environment.

Working with a number of artists and other professionals in the industry, The K.O.S.S puts his education and experience to work for local artists. Graduating from SAE Miami in 2017, studying under names like Damian Bradley and Charles Dye, The K.O.S.S levies his experience to positively impact the careers of the artists he works with, in addition to what should always remain of paramount importance: their music.


Originally opening Brooks Life Entertainment Studios in 2015, The K.O.S.S originally opened the doors to his studio as an outlet to record his own music. After spending time booking bands to local venues, and despite seeing himself more as an artist than a studio engineer, The K.O.S.S knew several musicians and studio professionals in the industry and elected to begin devoting his time to helping out area artists.

Viewing a path in musical artistry as a journey more than a career, The K.O.S.S started off on this path in 6th grade at the age of 12 by educating himself on the guitar. Considering himself “more of a writer than a reader”, The K.O.S.S’ goal in music is “entertaining the minds of individuals who can’t entertain themselves, or would prefer to experience entertainment from outside resources.”

Music has always been The K.O.S.S’ resource as an escape to get him through some tough times in life, channeling these life experiences in the studio as both an artist, as well as a producer-engineer.

The K.O.S.S still takes in a diverse collection each and every morning as he paces the floor and prepares for his day. With a diverse interest in everything from Deftones, mid-90’s alternative, grunge, and even the hip-hop stylings of Outkast, to modern EDM, rap, and reggaeton, The K.O.S.S always says, “I would go crazy without my music.”

While his true passion in music is the reggae, surf-rock, and reggae-rock styles of Pepper, Sublime, 311, and Bob Marley, The K.O.S.S hopes his unique musical interests and perspective, as well as his life experiences,  can influence people’s lives, including those he assists in the studio.


We are anything but your typical studio hand
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